Hyundai I20 Active - CROSSOVER Vehicle -March2015, 3rd Week Launch.

Hyundai I20 Active - CROSSOVER Vehicle.
What is A crossover Vehicle?
This is an everyday vehicle packed with the practicality and the look of a SUV on which carmakers pack off-road driving elements for a more rugged look.
Crossover Vehicles In India:
1. Volkswagen cross polo.  2.Fiat Punto Avventura. 3.Toyota Etios Cross. etc.

Hyundai I20 Active -will the the  latest entrant to Indian CROSSOVER Vehicle market. Hyundai I20 Elite  gets an altered look along with 16-inch alloy wheels.On the sides, it gets additional body cladding and roof rails.

Suzuki IK2 at Geneva Motor Show 2015

Suzuki IK2 at Geneva Motor Show 2015
Suzuki has unveiled the new iK-2 concept at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2015. The Suzuki iK-2 is a premium hatchback, Will it be a good competitor for new Hyundai elite I20?.